The Year Without Pants by Scott Berkun/The Tim Ferriss Show Episode 61: Matt Mullenweg, The Benevolent Dictator of the Internet

The Year Without Pants tells a great story of an unconventional employee working for an unconventional company. Scott Berkun, a professional writer, had given some advice to his friend, Matt Mullenweg, about Matt’s company, Automattic. The advice was to group his employees into teams, each with a team lead. Up until then, every member of Automattic was an equal individual employee of the company. Mullenweg took this advice and restructured his company, but he also asked Berkun join the company to be one of the team leaders. On top of all this, Automattic is a fully distributed company, with employees scattered all over the world. What follows is an inside look at a company re-defining ‘Best Practises.’ If you don’t know much about Automattic while reading this book, the amount of times you’ll think ‘wow, I didn’t know a company, could do that/be like that’ will shock you.

The reason I picked up this book, was after discovering Matt Mullenweg on The Tim Ferriss Show.

I knew nothing about Matt Mullenweg before listening to this podcast. Yet hearing about how he used polyphasic sleep while building WordPress, his keen interest in jazz music, and his one hundred chicken nugget eating session, I was certainly drawn in by how fascinating and brilliant a person he is. And then he talked about his company, Automattic. Automattic works on a great collection of products including, Jetpack, WooCommerce, Simplenote, and several others. Along with these great products, everything said in Scott Berkun’s book and Matt Mullenweg’s interview, indicates that Automattic has an incredible bunch of awesome employees and a great work culture and lifestyle.

Learning about this company has had such a profound affect on me that I now am hoping to gain employment at Automattic. I have started doing my homework, and plan on applying for a role there in the coming months

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