Learning to touch-type properly is a great way to increase your per-hour output (if you are a person who uses a computer that is), and typing.com is a great website that teaches you to touch-type, and allows you to practice and continue to increase your typing speed and accuracy. Signing up for a free account is a great way to track your progression, but you don’t have to join to access the lessons.

I developed my own “style” of typing in high school, chatting with friends on MSN. Although I got relatively quick, I had a lot of bad habits, and would always have a limited ceiling on my words-per-minute speed. I have been learning to type the right way thanks to daily practise on typing.com.

Ready. Fire. Aim.

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a long time but I always stop somewhere in the early planning stage. So I decided to take just take the plunge. I will write about various goings-on in my life and general topics I have opinions on. I’ll end this brief introduction with a short list of some of my favourite blogs to read at the moment.

Tim Ferriss

Matt Mullenweg

Seth Godin

Derek Sivers

Om Malik

Marc Hannaford